A50 Super Heavy Compound is here!



Today, FEYNLAB releases A50 SUPER HEAVY CUTTING COMPOUND. This compound is a game changer for simplifying and improving the quality and profitability of your automotive paint polishing. Below are all the details on A50 SUPER HEAVY CUTTING COMPOUND:

Product Details

  • Developed specifically for diverse needs of global automotive paint systems.
  • Extraordinary removal of deep surface defects, including 1000 grit sand marks
  • Advanced aluminum-oxide abrasive technology allows for rapid defect removal while leaving behind a superior finish
  • Body shop safe –NO silicone, waxes, or other conditioners
  • No fillers. What you see is what you get. No surprises after coating application.
  • Saves time and money on paint correction compared to the competition
  • Simple & quick wipe off


  • Available sizes
    • 0.5KG – Coming later this year
    • 1KG
    • 5KG

If you have any questions regarding the release of A50 SUPER HEAVY CUTTING COMPOUND, please contact your Sales Representative.

One thought on “A50 Super Heavy Compound is here!

  1. Sparkle Armor Auto Detailing says:

    Thank you for sharing this new product release, looking forward to trying it. Feynlab products never disappoints, our customers are always happy with the results compared to other competitors out there. This will work perfectly along side with other ceramic coating service that we offer.

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