The Feynlab Affiliate Program

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Offering an affiliate program is a touchy subject. It’s a decision I’ve pondered for a while, but ultimately, I think the positives outweigh the negatives. If done correctly it can be a very powerful tool, but it can be equally damaging if not controlled well. Affiliate marketing also has some negative connotations that we will need to overcome. The thumbnail for this video is not a smiley sales guy holding up a fan of Benjamins surrounded by $ signs and an “earn quick cash” slogan. The Feynlab affiliate program is a bit more sophisticated and an extension of the Feynlab brand.

One of the biggest concerns with an affiliate programs is the potential for abuse. You’re effectively allowing other people to market the brand on your behalf, and they may not have the same principles as you, the brand owner. There have been many cases where false advertising by affiliate marketers who are purely driven by sales and their commissions have caused irreversible damage to a brand or company. Blatant false claims of performance and overstating what the products are capable of are typical examples. However, if we monitor where the coupons are being distributed and how they are being promoted, we can work on a 1 strike rule. If you lie or misrepresent the products, you’re out, permanently.

One of the key projects we have been working on this year is marketing; it’s an area we have been lacking in. You may have seen some of the videos and new content we have been producing in an effort to get our brand name out there more. This project aims to add to that -to get our name out there in front of people. It will allow us to compete with other companies that offer affiliate programs as well for marketing on YouTube and other social media platforms. I feel like sometimes I live in a Feynlab world. I eat, breathe, sleep, and of course wear Feynlab. This veil of Feynlab means I sort of expect that if you’re in the industry, you would know about Feynlab by now. But it always amazes me how few people, particularly detailers, don’t know about us. I would often come across someone when travelling who is a detailer, just by chance, and when I say “I am from Feynlab”, they respond with “What’s that?”. I would very much like to change that.

The program is simple to understand. Everyone that applies will get a unique coupon which will allow us to track sales that are tagged to that coupon. You will also be able to see what the performance of that coupon is in real time. The idea behind this project is to try and get the name out there. This means the coupons won’t work if you are trying to make a purchase as an installer, it’s purely for customer/guest accounts.

See the video below for in-depth instructions.